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Common car dashboard warning lights you should know about

Common car dashboard warning lights you should know about

Because of the superior manipulate systems, there are a whole lot of manage devices in a vehicle. The manage devices need a way to tell the driver that there may be in a trouble with the machine and consequently have lots of unique warning lighting fixtures.

But what do these types of symbols imply and what must you do when one of them shows up on your dashboard? Different automobiles may have slightly exclusive looking symbols. This simply covers fashionable symbols that appear inside the maximum common motors at the market.

1. Airbag/SRS Light

  • This light shows that there’s a trouble with your Airbag / SRS manipulate system.
  • When this light is ON the airbag manage system is disabled, and also you won’t have any airbags saving you in an accident.
  • That’s why it is continually advisable solving this trouble as speedily as possible.
    When the airbag/SRS light is on, it shows that there may be a hassle code stored within the airbag manipulate module.
  • The easiest way to repair that is to read the problem code memory to discover the problem code.

2. Battery / Alternator Charging light

  • This light shows that a low voltage is detected.
  • This light must be ON when you are just status at the ignition, but if this light lights whilst you are idling or driving, it means that the alternator isn’t charging your vehicle battery well and your vehicle may forestall suddenly.
  • To repair this hassle, you have to measure the voltage the alternator is charging the battery on idle.
  • To degree the voltage, you need a Multimeter.
  • A speedy and clean trick you may test if you can attain your alternator is to offer it a small hit with a hammer when the car is on idle to peer if the light disappears.
  • If the light fades after the run, it indicates that the coals within the alternator are worn out and they need to be replaced, or in most cases, you may want to replace the whole alternator.

3. Seatbelt Unlocked Warning Symbol

  • This means that one or numerous seat belts are not fitted effectively in all the automobile seats.
    Typically, you must just connect the seat belt for each person that is in the automobile.
  • Some cars use load-monitored sensors in the back seat and passenger seat to check if a person is sitting there.
  • If you put stuff on the seat, you may have to join the seat belt there to get the light to move off.
  • It may also be a faulty seat sensor or a defective seat belt buckle this is inflicting this light to stay on.

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