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12 Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle?

Frequently you hear how risky riding a bike is, however still, more and more people are riding it. The number is developing at a better rate. So, why they like to ride it so much? What are their expectations of riding a motorbike?

Like you, plenty of people ask this question. Here is an explanation for those reasons.

1. It’s Cool

  • It makes you cool, undoubtedly.
  • Whenever someone sees you riding on the highway, he/she will be assuming that you are on an adventure tour.
  • Even in case you look at a person who is standing holding a bike helmet below his arms, you may say that guy appears cool.
  • This is the magic of any two-wheeler bike.
  • You don’t have to be an actor or a model. It makes anybody look awesome.

2. Great Bondage

  • Whenever a fellow motorcycle rider passes any other rider, each of them feels good.
  • Believe it or not, motorbike riders share a strong bond.
  • They will have an intimate discussion at the gas pump or anywhere a set of riders meet.
  • You will make loads of new friends just because you are riding a motorbike.
  • It may sound weird, however, that’s precisely what the reality is.

3. Great Savings On Oil

  • As you realize, a bike can travel up to 60 to 70 miles per liter.
  • A scooter can go as a long way as 100 miles burning the same amount of oil.
  • If you examine this with other traditional vehicles, this is a good saving.
  • If you buy an electric automobile, the scenario is different.
  • But the initial price of such a kind of car is a bit expensive.

4. Less Polluting

  • Motorcycles burn gas and diesel which contribute to generating carbon.
  • But when you examine it with any vehicle (not the electric vehicle), the impact could be very nominal.
  • Because of its high gas efficiency, it’s considered to be one of the finest greener choices.
  • In a traffic jam, all the cars may be polluting the surroundings keeping the engine on idle.
  • But with a motorcycle, the traffic jam isn’t a hassle at all.
  • So, you won’t be polluting the surroundings sitting idly.

5. Ultimate Freedom

  • You won’t word it directly, however riding your motorcycle gives you a feeling of independence and self-sufficiency.
  • This is the ultimate freedom you have been searching for years and years.
  • This freedom is most effective for you and not any of your family members can meddle with it.
  • When you ride the bike, you are in full manage and that offers you a complete feel of fulfillment.
  • Do not think that you’re being selfish here.
  • Enjoying liberty broadens your mind which in the long run helps to broaden a relationship with your closest one.

6. Exploring Yourself

  • People are constantly looking for approval from others so is it with you.
  • If they don’t approve, it sickens your thoughts and you lose focus.
  • Believe it or not, when you go on riding for a long time, this attention-looking mindset will pass away.
  • While riding when you keep tracking your body postures, lane position, probable hazards, etc all these great meditations will clear your mind from needless overthinking and attention-seeking attitude.

7. Fun & Easier Commuting

  • Even some years back, most people did not think a bike can be a possible delivery option.
  • But today it is different.
  • In a few countries, you’ll find a separate lane for the bikers.
  • Sometimes no different transport can take you to your destination than a bike.

8. Parking Benefits

  • When the parking zone is small and someone comes to the spot with an SUV, the driver will feel the real pain.
  • Almost any commercial area has a separate parking spot for the motorbikes because they occupy a small area.
  • Some of those parking spots are even free of cost for the bikers.
  • However, when you park it at night, make sure that other drivers can see it to avoid a crash.
  • Having a reflective stripped motorbike cover maybe the solution to it.

9. Impact On Health

  • Do you know that you can burn your calories riding a bike?
  • It’s true, you may lose weight simply by driving your bike.
  • You will burn 40% more calories than riding an automobile.
  • It’s great for your mental health as well.
  • Riding the motorcycle and simply being outdoors will leave a great impact on your mental fitness.
  • If you have sound thoughts, you’ll get a sound body as well.

10. Real-World Connection

  • Instead of just watching all of the herbal beauties on your cellphone screen or computer, a bike lets you directly cross in there.
  • You can experience the view with your very own eyes.
  • Nothing can block you to see the world when you have a motorcycle.
  • A bike lets you live your life on your terms.
  • Life is lovely when you enjoy living it.

11. Develop Cognitive Function

  • A scientific study carried out in partnership with Yamaha Japan and Tohoku University proved that driving a motorbike helps to broaden the cognitive function of the mind.
  • And it improves your cognitive characteristic by using nearly 50%.
  • It requires your high alertness and problem-solving ability to power a motorbike.
  • When you use your brain in this manner day after day, it ought to develop your cognitive function.

12. Cyber Safety

  • If you keep a sharp eye at the new technological news, you may have heard about the hacking of automobiles that can be controlled by using the smartphone.
  • It’s a serious protection issue from a different magnitude.
  • So far, there has been no report of motorcycle hacking.
  • It’s safe from that point of view.


There are plenty of reasons to ride a motorbike. You don’t want all people’s validation to have one. As long as you ride safely and responsively, you may notice how a single bike is leaving such a lot of fantastic influences on your lifestyle.

Though it’s thrilling we at Gogo care about your safety. So always keep in mind ‘Drive Safely’.