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Top 5 things to do in Tangalle

Tangalle is a city in Hambantota District, Southern Province Sri Lanka. Tangalle is a regionally an essential fishing port. It is situated on one of the most important bays in Sri Lanka, that’s blanketed from the sea by an enclosing reef. Tangalla is the gateway to the huge-open spaces and huge-open beaches of southeast Sri Lanka.

1. Tangalle Beach, Sri Lanka

  • Tangalle city itself is located just lower back from a “projecting rock” from which how the town’s name Tangalle is derived.
  • The city, notwithstanding being beside the bay, fishing harbor & busy market has a comfortable atmosphere with some reminders of Dutch days.
  • Tangalle consists of huge abandoned and picturesque seashores. The surf breaks with the sound of gunfire at instances and a little similarly off is the fisheries harbor of Tangalle in which deep-sea fishing vessels anchor.

2. Rekawa Turtle watch

  • Sri Lanka is called one of the few locations that you may watch and look at marine turtles in their herbal habitat.
  • Five out of seven of the world’s marine turtle species are found in Sri Lanka and come ashore in Rekawa to put eggs, along with green, loggerhead, hawksbill, olive ridley, and leatherback.
  • Turtles nest here are all year round, however, the major season is April to July. The rarest turtles to sight are the large leatherbacks.

3. Mulkirigala Raja Maha Viharaya

  • Mulkirigala Raja Maha Viharaya(Mulgirigala) is an historic Buddhist temple in Mulkirigala,Sri Lanka.
  • It is built on a high natural rock and is surrounded through 4 different rocks named as Benagala, Kondagala, Bisogala, and Seelwathigala.
  • The temple is constructed in a massive natural rock that is just like Sigiriya.

4. Rekawa Lagoon Canoeing

  • Tangalle is seashore coastal line in down south place where you can go and enjoy huge open stretches coastal line.
  • Besides being a fishing port the metropolis is also massive on tourism. There’s plenty to do there.
  • There are extensive stretches of beaches perfect on your tanning needs, browsing and windsurfing lessons, nature tours, parks, sightseeing and boat tours.
  • But in case you are searching out something a little one-of-a-kind from the same old coastal activities, you don’t need to head too far.
  • Smack against the sea, separated by a tiny strip of beach is the Rekawa Lagoon.

5. Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary

  • Kalametiya is a fishing village at the South jap coasts of Sri Lanka. It is close to Kumana hen-lifestyles sanctuary and located in Hambantota District.
  • Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary is one of the oldest and fundamental hen sanctuary in Sri Lanka.
  • Kalametiya changed into declared as a natural world sanctuary in 1984.
  • Kalametiya fowl sanctuary is positioned 20km faraway from Tangalle. This sanctuary includes Kalametiya mangrove lagoon and place. This is a brackish water lagoon very near Kalametiya seaside. The Kalametiya Bird sanctuary is filled with picturesque areas.

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