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Top 5 most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka that you must see

Sri Lanka is domestic to more than 100 waterfalls and rivers. At the end of the day, all of them stops on the Indian Ocean. Waterfalls are mostly located within the Hill Country. Some of the waterfalls are man-made but doesn’t forestall quick of being breathtakingly stunning. Unknown waterfalls are nonetheless present, people weren’t officially successful in discovering. Most of the waterfalls are very difficult to find because of the dense forests and are every so often inaccessible. Only a handful of waterfalls are used to bathe in, while the others are too dangerous to do so.

1. Ravana Falls

  • Named after the epic of Ramayana.
  • The cave behind the waterfall is one of the locations that Ravana hid Princess Sita after abducting her from India.
  • Although it’s miles comparatively shorter than most waterfalls, it has a wide flow of water and is a pretty stunning view to look at.

2. Diyaluma Waterfalls

  • This majestic waterfall is 559 feet excessive and is positioned across the Koslanda-wellawaya road, where the Poonagala Oya is situated.
  • Because of its appearance, most people in the region believe that it is the tallest waterfall.

3. Ramboda Falls

  • It is the 11th longest waterfall in Sri Lanka, like each different waterfall it is placed within the hill.
  • It is good for a circle of relatives vacation, surrounding it are lots of holiday motels that cater to your every need.
  • It is located in Pussellawa.
  • This waterfall is about 109m high and the waterfall has predominant drops which generally tend to confuse people after they see it and most of the time the higher waterfall is not visited because most of the human beings are not aware of the fact that there are drops inside the fall.

4. Bakers Waterfall

  • Another waterfall placed at Horton Plains and is also one of the most beautiful waterfalls inside Sri Lanka.
  • It is a cascading waterfall with not one but several falls.
  • However, it’s far a completely dangerous waterfall to tub in.
  • It is 20 meters high and is known as after a widely recognized explorer inside the call of Sir Samuel Baker.
  • The fall originates from a tank referred to as Belihul Oya.
  • The scenery surrounding it will simply take your breath away.

5. Bambarakanda Waterfalls

  • The tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka which boasts a height of 789 feet.
  • Located in a dense forest around Bandarawela that is very tough to get through however nevertheless is a well worth journey.
  • Still, in case you are not able to make the unique experience to this large waterfall, you may trap a glimpse of it on the way to Haputale.

Waterfalls make a country more beautiful and glorious. Every country does not possess this gift but Sri Lanka is fortunate enough to have them. We at GOGO will take you to these stunning waterfalls making your stay here at Sri Lanka all the more extravagating.