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A Dummies guide to become a real estate agent in Sri Lanka

A Dummies guide to become a real estate agent in Sri Lanka

Before you count on to turn out to be an actual estate broker, you want to evaluate whether running in this field is the right preference for you. As an agent, you must count on to do a maximum of the heavy work via yourself.
This would encompass dealing with workplace control duties, growing professional relationships, finding potential customers, document work, handling contacts as well as handling buyers and sellers. However, the capability advantages are extremely good on this discipline and successful agents can expect good income relying on their performance.

1. What kind of real property sellers are determined in Sri Lanka?

  • While you can come upon a wide range of actual property brokers, they will usually fall into the under categories.

I. Residential income: Deals with the sale of residential houses, such as houses and apartments.
II. Letting retailers: Specialises in dealing with rental houses.
III. Commercial assets marketers: Focuses on commercial residences such as office spaces and retail residences.
IV. Land Sales: Specialises in coping with land-associated properties.
V. Estate marketers: Mainly attention on dealing with big estate properties.
VI. Property Managers: Tackles the management of a property on behalf of the proprietor.

2. What form of a basic revenue can you expect to earn as an actual property agent in Sri Lanka?

  • The amount you may earn as an actual property agent is strictly depending on your qualifications, level of work enjoy and overall performance.
  • However, in general, a typical belongings agent in Sri Lanka can expect to earn something in among Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 70,000, with an average person salary being around Rs. 45,000, as of 2018.
  • Apart from this, you may also expect to earn appealing incentives and commissions ranging from 1-5% (typically three%) of the income value.
  • However, the amounts would rely upon your overall performance and the situations set by using your employer.

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