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Why should you visit knuckles mountain range for holidays?

Dumbara in Sinhala means ‘ a heavy mist’. The mountains which shape the skyline of this valley take the form of knuckles on a clenched fist. Thus this vital location that could be a middle of bio-diversity takes the call of Dumbara Valley. 1. Where is it placed? It is placed in the North of […]Read More

Top 5 things to do in Tangalle

Tangalle is a city in Hambantota District, Southern Province Sri Lanka. Tangalle is a regionally an essential fishing port. It is situated on one of the most important bays in Sri Lanka, that’s blanketed from the sea by an enclosing reef. Tangalla is the gateway to the huge-open spaces and huge-open beaches of southeast Sri […]Read More

Top 5 must explore locations in Sri Lanka

While you’re making plans this holiday, make positive you cover all the ought to-have stories at those stunning locations in Sri Lanka. The following are the most beautiful locations in Sri Lanka, one need to no longer pass over out on whilst holidaying in this serene and wealthy cultured island positioned amidst the lush-greenery. 1. […]Read More

Top 5 most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka that you must see

Sri Lanka is domestic to more than 100 waterfalls and rivers. At the end of the day, all of them stops on the Indian Ocean. Waterfalls are mostly located within the Hill Country. Some of the waterfalls are man-made but doesn’t forestall quick of being breathtakingly stunning. Unknown waterfalls are nonetheless present, people weren’t officially […]Read More

Top 5 best beach resorts in Sri Lanka that you need to visit

Soak within the sun while sipping a clean cocktail on the first-class seashores in Sri Lanka in your next ride. Make sure you are taking the experience of sunbathing and revel in the seafood delicacies. To get the high-quality of revel in right here is a 5 best beach resorts listing of Sri Lankan where […]Read More