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Types of Car Engines?

An engine is the soul and heart of your car because it’s the most important part of a car. It acts as the principal source of strength and converts power into mechanical motion. Undeniably, vehicle designs and styles have advanced considerably during the last few years and interestingly, the automobile engines have accompanied suit. Engines […]Read More

How Does an Engine Work?

For most people, an automobile is something they fill with fuel that moves them from place to place. But have you ever stopped and thought, How does it do that? What makes it move? How does an engine work, exactly? Specifically, an internal-combustion engine is a heat engine in that it converts power from the […]Read More

External Engine and Internal Combustion Engine Defined?

Engines convert a source of energy into physical work. If you want to transport something, an engine is just the thing to do it. But not all engines are made the same, and different types of engines certainly don’t work the same. Probably the most intuitive manner to differentiate between them is the sort of […]Read More