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Types of Car Engines?

An engine is the soul and heart of your car because it’s the most important part of a car. It acts as the principal source of strength and converts power into mechanical motion.

Undeniably, vehicle designs and styles have advanced considerably during the last few years and interestingly, the automobile engines have accompanied suit.

Engines have interesting records and in case you are planning to buy a vehicle soon, there are varieties of automobile engines that will help you make the quality choice. People are different and whereas many prefer fuel-efficient engines.

With that in mind, vehicle manufacturers are working tough day and night time to fulfill the wishes of all the customers and therefore, they have diverse sorts of car engines, and right here are a number of them.

Types of engines

  • Generally, there are types of engines, particularly the internal and outside combustion engines.

1. Internal combustion engines

  • In these engines, fuel combustion takes place within the engine and this causes pressure to increase and temperature to rise.
  • As a result of combustion, the excessive pressure produced is applied to the rotor, pistons, or a nozzle and it’s the same power that moves your vehicle from one vicinity to any other and transforms chemical electricity to mechanical electricity.
  • The best examples are the two-stroke and four-stroke petrol and diesel engines.

2. External combustion engine

  • In these engines, fuel combustion takes vicinity out of doors the engine and steam engine are notable examples.
  • There are diverse types of the internal combustion engine (ICE) that are classified according to various aspects and you can take a look at them below;

I. Types of fuel used

  • Petrol engine – Uses petrol as its major source of power.
  • Diesel engine – Uses diesel as its major source of power.
  • Gas engine – Uses gas as its major source of power.

II. Based on the cylinder arrangement

a. V type engine
  • In these kinds of engines, the pistons and cylinders are aligned with a small angle between them and when considered from the top, they resemble a ‘V’ form.
  • According to experts, the unique form that comes with these engines is to save you from vibration and balancing problems.
b. W type engine
  • In these engines, the cylinders are arranged in three rows to shape a ‘W’ shape and in most cases, this engine is made because of the production of 16-cylinder and 12-cylinder engines.
c. Vertical engine
  • Just just like the name, the cylinders of vertical engines are arranged vertically.
d. Horizontal engine
  • The cylinders of those engines are horizontally organized.
e. Opposed cylinder engine
  • Cylinders in this form of the engine are placed in contrary directions.
  • Most importantly, this engine has an exceptional balancing and runs smoothly due to the fact each piston and the connecting rod run identically.

3. Based on design

a. Wankel engine
  • Also called the rotor engine, the Wankel engine converts stress into rotating motion with the use of an eccentric rotary system.
  • When compared to the reciprocating engine, the Wankel engine is smoother, easier and has a greater compact.
  • Note that these engines generally produce more strength pulses in keeping with revolution and therefore, they may be mainly used in racing motors and Mazda’s RX-8 is a very popular instance.
b. Reciprocating engine
  • Piston and a cylinder are the main components of a reciprocating engine.
  • An engine can also have one or more pistons whose primary reason is to convert pressure into rotating motion.
  • Every piston is located within the cylinder and because of fuel combustion, the piston initiates from side to side motion (reciprocating motion) which is then converted into rotary motion.

4. Based on the range of strokes

a. Two-stroke engine
  • In this type of engine, the piston does 2 times motion, that is one upward (from BDC to TDC) and another one downward (From TDC to BDC) to produce power stroke.
b. Four-stroke engine
  • In this sort of engine, the piston moves four times, 2 upward and 2 downward actions in a single cycle of a power stroke.
c. Six-stroke engine
  • The six-stroke engine is in its development stage but consistent with sources, it’ll create attention and interest within the motor industry.
  • It is predicted to come with amazing benefits which include reduced mechanical complexity, increased fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions.
5. Based on ignition method
a. Spark ignition engine
  • These engines are established with a spark plug fitted at the engine head which produces spark after fuel compression to ignite the air-fuel mixture for the procedure of combustion.
  • According to experts, petrol engines are based totally on spark ignition however can most effectively run on bioethanol, methanol, hydrogen, compressed natural gas (CNG), Autogas (LPG) and nitromethane.
b. Compression ignition engine
  • These types of engines don’t have a spark plug on the cylinder head and thus, the heat of the compressed air is liable for fuel ignition.
  • An excellent instance of a compression ignition engine is the diesel engine because it best works via compressing the air.
  • Some of the advantages of the compression ignition engine are reduced parasitic load at the engine and higher thermodynamic performance.


  • An engine is the most important part of your automobile as it lets you to efficaciously circulate from one place to another.
  • Turning a key to begin your automobile is always exciting and easy and, in most cases, its simplicity makes people take the engine for granted.
  • If you need to apprehend the engineering behind your vehicle, it’s recommendable to recognize what takes place below the bonnet and most importantly, understand the one-of-a-kind automobile engines available.
  • It would be advisable to apprehend different automobile engines and how they work and make an informed choice to shop based totally on your personal preferences.

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